Japan Auto-Body Industries Association inc.


Name Japan Auto-Body Industries Association Inc.(JABIA)
Location 〒105-0012
1-1-30 Shiba Daimon, Minato-ku,
Tokyo 15th floor of the Nihon Jidousha Kaikan
Objective We will contribute to the overall development of the automobile body manufacturing industry, thereby contributing to the development of the Japanese industry and to improving the lives of the people.
  • 1.Conduct various surveys useful for member's corporate activities and provide information.
  • 2.Maintain the global environment and improve vehicle safety in cooperation with related government agencies and organizations.
  • 3.Support the improvement of technical level in order to make products that meet the needs of customers.
  • Promote exchanges with overseas and internationalize products and activities.
  • 5.Prioritize compliance with laws and social norms, and fulfill our social responsibilities as a general incorporated association.
History Our former body,the then Auto-Body Industries Union,was orderd to dissolve by the Organization Restrictions, after the WWⅡ.Then we were reborn as an Auto-Body Industries Association in April 1948. Later, in 1950, the name was changed to the Japan Automobile Body Industries Association, and in 1958, the method of joining local cooperative organizations was changed to an individual membership method.In December 1970, with the permission of the Ministry of Trade and Industry, the company was reorganized into an "incorporated association" To further revitalize the activities of the Industrial Association, in 1965 a material Subcommittee (associate member) was established by a company dealing with parts. In 1991, 9 branch offices were set up throughout the country to enhance the response to local issues. In 2004, the "Nihon Jidousya Kaikan" was opened to deepen the cooperation of automobile-related organizations, and the secretariat of the Japan Body Industries Association was relocated. The company was transferred to a general incorporated association in 2011.
Member The members of this association are composed of regular members and associate members. The qualification requirements are as follows.
Regular member
Regular members are corporations engaged in the following
  • 1.Manufacture, assembly or building of vehicle bodies
  • 2.Modification and refitting for vehicle bodies
  • 3.Manufacture or modification of trailers
Associate member
Associate member is a corporate body that agrees with our objectives and participates in our activities.
  • 1.Manufacture or sale of materials or parts related to the manufacture or modification of automobile bodies
  • 2.Product development, technical guidance, market research, etc. related to the manufacture or modification of automobile bodies
  • 3.Sale, maintenance or repair of products of regular member companies